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LIENS                                        63

of 90 days would be long enough to destroy the object upon
which the carrier anticipates realization of his charges. It
may be mentioned here that it is always the receiver of
cargo who is responsible for ascertaining when the goods
will be discharged, and there is no obligation on the part of
the carrier to notify him of the arrival of the ship. It is
always best in the interest of friendly relationship between
all parties that the carrier shall notify the receiver when the
goods will be discharged from the vessel.

If goods are discharged from the ship into a warehouse,
then the owner of such goods may claim them on tendering
to the warehouse keeper or other responsible person, the
charges incurred by the shipment plus warehouse expenses,
and this gives to the warehouse keeper the right to deliver
goods immediately.

It has been stated in cases in the past that a carrier may,
if he so desires, use his ship as a warehouse by retaining
cargo on board, and for such time that his ship is engaged
as a "warehouse" he may claim rent, to which he is legally
entitled. Carriers usually prefer to discharge the goods
rather than delay their vessels, and incidentally incur heavy
expenses for dock charges.

After the period of 90 days has elapsed then the goods
may be sold, such a sale being known as a compulsory sale.
Before a compulsory sale takes place, the owner of the
goods must be notified, if possible, and the sale advertised
in at least two papers, and the goods sold publicly. The
amount realized by such a sale is disposed of in the follow-
ing manner—

Payment of customs and excise fees.

Expenses of the sale.

Payment of warehouse fees, and any expenses in-
curred in this connection.

Landing charges.

Settlement of the lien.

It will be seen that sufficient cargo must be retained to
satisfy all these charges, otherwise the lien is not perfect.
Should there not be sufficient money realized by such a sale,